Category: Chemo Chronicles

Thank You

I got a lot of support from medical staff, family, friends, and more during my cancer experience. Now, it’s my turn to say thank you.

The Cost of Cancer

After three months of chemotherapy, surgeries, medications, and more, I total up the financial cost of cancer. Would be nice to have all that cash back.

Back to School

After a long “vacation” from work thanks to three months of chemotherapy, I returned back to work to resume my regularly scheduled programming.

The Future of ABSOT

Rather than focusing on my own journey, I begin to reflect on how I can begin paying it forward to raise testicular cancer and men’s health awareness.

Chemo Brain

Chemo brain is a mix of brain fog, short attention span, and more. I wrote a piece in the midst of it to best describe how it is.

The Waiting Game

After completing chemotherapy, I settle into the next stage… the waiting game. Halfway between patient and survivor, I wait for results.

The Final Chemo Down

On my last day of BEP chemotherapy for testicular cancer, I have no words… so I made a mini documentary to celebrate it instead.

BRATman Begins

Don’t read this post during breakfast, lunch, or anytime until you REALLY need it. It contains a lot of info about nausea/vomit during chemo.