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Chemo Brain

Chemo brain is a mix of brain fog, short attention span, and more. I wrote a piece in the midst of it to best describe how it is.

The Final Chemo Down

On my last day of BEP chemotherapy for testicular cancer, I have no words… so I made a mini documentary to celebrate it instead.

BRATman Begins

Don’t read this post during breakfast, lunch, or anytime until you REALLY need it. It contains a lot of info about nausea/vomit during chemo.

A (Short) Day in the Life

While many days of BEP chemotherapy are hours upon hours of sitting through an infusion, some are rather short. I share how I spent one of the short days.

Frustration Gone Rogue

Star Wars: Rogue One had just been released, but side effects from chemotherapy prevented me from seeing it. What I felt most was extreme frustration.